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Conditions treated

Examples of conditions treated are:

Shoulder : impingement syndrome; frozen shoulder; instability; post-op rehab following manipulation (MUA), decompression (ASD), rotator cuff repair (RCR), shoulder replacement (CSRA; Verso); stabilisation; fracture fixation (ORIF).

Knee : ligament sprain (MCL; LCL); ACL deficiency (ACLD); patello-femoral dysfunction (knee-cap problem); arthritis (OA); post-op rehab following arthroscopy; joint replacement (TKR, Oxford uni).

Hip: early arthritis (OA); snapping hip; post-op rehab following arthroscopy, joint replacement (total or Birmingham). Ankle: ligament sprain; instability; achilles tendonopathy; post-op rehab (reconstruction; tendon transfer; fracture fixation).

Neck: spondylosis (wear and tear); whiplash; thoracic outlet; nerve root irritation (pins and needles).

Back: low back pain; sciatica; spondylosis; post-op rehab (discectomy; laminectomy; spinal fusion).